Our History

The Portage United Pentecostal Church had its beginning in the spring of 1956 with prayer meetings and Bible studies in various homes. It began under the leadership of Rev. G. T. Grinder and was called the Garyton United Pentecostal Church. The church purchased the property at the corner of Mulberry and Russell Streets and a church building was erected there that same year. The church name was changed in 1959 due to the name change of the community.

Rev. Paul Upton served as interim pastor for three months when Rev. Grinder resigned in November 1962. Rev. W. C. Matlock became pastor in 1963 and served for five years. A fellowship hall was built during this time. Rev. Robert E. Henson was elected pastor in 1968, and he served in this capacity for eleven years. During his leadership in 1973, the church was remodeled and twelve acres of land were purchased where the church building now exists.

Rev. James R. Fielder was elected pastor in November of 1979 and still serves as pastor, serving for 35 years. During his pastorate, in 1983, the new church building was constructed at the present location, 2865 Willowdale Rd. A family center was built in 1988.